Asset Tracing, Recovery and Civil Fraud

For over 250 years, the English courts have recognised the ability of fraudsters to devise schemes faster than the law can react. Restoring property and money to its rightful owner can therefore be a complex process requiring great skill, knowledge and tenacity.

Seddons is a leading law firm with proven expertise in asset tracing and recovery for commercial targets of fraud and other unlawful practices. Our clients rely on the ingenuity and lateral thinking of our experts to stay a step ahead of those who have misappropriated their property.

Our dedicated teams are experienced in locating, freezing and recovering assets owed to our clients. Each case is different, and requires a bespoke solution which draws on the creativity, insights and intuition of our senior people, sometimes testing the boundaries of existing law.

Above all, we approach every problem with a realistic, commercial focus - concentrating our efforts on delivering the key objectives set by clients. We move quickly to detect and act on information before the trail goes cold.

For example, we can work on very short notice to obtain:

  • Interim asset preservation orders
  • Interim asset restraining orders
  • Search and seizure orders
  • Early (pre-action) disclosure
  • Gagging orders 
  • Passport seizure orders

We advise companies, directors and employees on all aspects of civil fraud including misappropriation of funds, unlawful competition, theft and misuse of confidential information and illicit profit schemes.

We also operate with partners in other countries to assemble specialist multi-jurisdictional cross-border teams. Most importantly, we strive to minimise disruption, and costs, to allow our clients to focus on their business.

Our experience includes:

  • Acting for the trustees of a multimillion dollar offshore estate in a claim of fraud against the managing institution for misappropriating funds. Speed and thorough discoveries led to a successful recovery. 
  • Representing an internationally famous entertainment entity in relation to a fraudulent multi-million pound contract for the provision of equipment. 
  • Acting for an international hotel management company against alleged high value credit card fraud. Gagging orders and a Freezing Order were swiftly obtained blocking the allegations of fraud and preventing any clawback.
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Commercial Disputes

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