Our clients are senior executives who we assist at various stages of their employment. We are regularly instructed by executives who are being head-hunted and help them understand to what extent they are obliged to comply with restrictive covenants as well as their outgoing employer’s demands.

Often clients ask us to provide guidance on changes to their terms and conditions of employment, or where they have concerns about their remuneration packages not being on par with colleagues. 

In situations where senior professionals anticipate their employer is seeking to terminate their employment, or discriminate against them, we can advise clients on how to leverage their position to secure a financially advantageous exit or settlement agreement.

If disciplinary or grievance procedures have already been set in motion, we have the expertise to steer our clients through, or even find a way of extracting them from the process.

For clients who have been offered an exit package, we can ensure that the arrangements provide not just the best financial terms, but also other tools to assist them in the future; from securing a good reference and negotiating bonuses, share options, or shares to which they are entitled, to being released from restrictive covenants, outplacement services and retirement planning.

Helen Crossland