Divorce & Separation

Whether you have recently separated from your partner or have lived apart for some time we advise on all the options available to you, allowing you to make an informed decision on the most suitable way forward.

You may not wish to divorce in the foreseeable future in which case we will advise you regarding a separation agreement, regulating the terms of separation before a divorce.

Alternatively, it may be necessary or advisable to issue divorce proceedings immediately, when we will consider the various grounds upon which to base a divorce petition.

If you are the respondent in the divorce proceedings (the person receiving the divorce papers), we will advise on your participation in the court process, the contents of any draft papers and the next steps in the proceedings.

We are pleased to offer various options on fixed fees for divorce.

For further information, please contact any member of the family team on 020 7725 8000 or email Deborah Jeff directly.

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