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    Alexander Egerton Discusses GDPR Adequacy Decision In CPO Magazine

    Partner Alexander Egerton has been quoted by CPO Magazine on GDPR adequacy decision

    A recent decision by the European Commission has granted the United Kingdom the “adequacy” status needed for international data transfers to be considered legal under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Partner Alexander Egerton has been quoted on this decision in CPO Magazine. 

    Alexander states ““This decision shows that the EU acknowledges that the UK has an identical privacy framework to the EU so allowing for these data flows works in the interests of all. If the decision was different then that may deter other “third countries” from seeking “adequacy” (the framework where the EU is more relaxed about data transfers out of the EEA because the recipient country has robust privacy rules). To seek an adequacy ruling involves time negotiating with the EU and making consequential changes to the third country’s privacy rules. This would not happen if the third country thought the process would never lead to an adequacy ruling.

    “Having the power to award adequacy gives the EU a lot of influence as global privacy rules evolve in the light of big tech and new technologies – this would be reduced if adequacy was never granted. If the UK at the expiry of sunset period has diluted the UK GDPR then EU – UK data transfers will follow the fluid EU-US pattern where compromises such as Safe Harbor and the Privacy Shield were annulled by the EU and any EU US transfer carries risk.”

    Read the article in full here.

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