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The Benefits of Family Mediation

Family Partner Victoria Sterritt examines the benefits of Family Mediation for day three of Family Mediation Week

Divorce and separation are stressful and decisions and difficult discussions will follow as a consequence of any relationship breakdown. 

Family mediation is a process that allows you to seek to address issues in a private and safe environment and limit the hostility. It is also a process that when used effectively carries time and cost benefits for those involved and particularly in relation to arrangements for children. 

Even if there is not a complete resolution of all aspects mediation can be used to narrow the issues in dispute and so limit the extent of any litigation or Court process to what is absolutely necessary.

The benefits of mediation

More information on Family Mediation Week can be found on Family Mediation Council.

To discuss how we can help with Family Mediation, please contact Victoria Sterritt on or by phone 020 7725 8066.

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