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    Burford Capital wades into Muddy Waters


    Aoife Keane comments in The Times on the targeting of Burford Capital, the largest litigation funding business, by Muddy Waters.

    An almighty row is rumbling between a third-party funder and a band of short sellers that is gripping the London exchange.

    Once prohibited under the concepts of maintenance and champerty — which prevented non-parties from encouraging or profiting from litigation — third-party funding is now accepted in the UK. Some have embraced it as a way of increasing access to justice by financing court cases that parties may not otherwise be able to afford.

    Dispute Resolution Partner Aoife Keane gave her expert opinion, saying "Burford’s fair value accounting is a legitimate method that is used by other listed funders. She suggests that the debacle highlights the difficulties in valuing the outcome of litigation."

    Read the full article online here (£).

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