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Coronavirus: Employee Vaccination Policy

With vaccinations being rolled out, have you considered a Covid-19 vaccination policy for your business?

The news that Covid-19 vaccinations are being rolled out has come as a welcome relief to business leaders, providing a glimmer of hope that normal operations can start to resume as soon as possible. Whilst many organisations will be keen to encourage employees to get vaccinated, not every worker will want to receive it.

We have drafted a detailed ‘Coronavirus Policy on Employees being Vaccinated’. It provides information for your workforce on:

  • Why having the Covid-19 vaccination is so important and encouraged;
  • Time off to attend vaccination appointments;
  • Returning to work after having the vaccine;
  • Treating colleagues with respect by not bullying or harassing those that have made the decision to be vaccinated or not and if they do, what sanctions will be imposed.

We are offering the policy at a discounted rate for the month of January. Please contact Helen Crossland, Partner and Head of Employment at or Fiona Mendel for further information on

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