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    Covid divorce boom? No — lockdown rejuvenates marriages


    Neil Russell comments in The Sunday Times.

    Family Partner Neil Russell comments on the fact that reportedly twice as many unions improved during the pandemic as were made worse, according to a report by the Marriage Foundation using analysis of 2,559 parents who completed the UK Household Longitudinal Survey Coronavirus Study by Essex University. He doesn’t agree based on his experience.

    “I’ve seen an increase in the number of new instructions for divorce, with many clients citing that they’ve realised how unhappy they are in their marriages now they have to spend so much time together. My clients say their dogs have never had so many walks because they’re leaving the house to talk to me.”

    Russell conceded that those in strong marriages might have reinforced them in lockdown. “If you’ve got a good marriage then you’re likely to have improved your marriage, because you’ve spent more time together and you’ve been able to enjoy it. Equally, they say no good marriage ends in divorce and it’s the not-so-good marriages that have had further pressures, from the cabin fever, digital lipstick [email and text messages indicating infidelity] and from just not wanting to be together.”

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