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    Divorce rate drops to lowest level since 1971


    Neil Russell comments in eprivateclient regarding the recently released ONS statistics.

    Divorce of opposite-sex couples has decreased by 10.6% over the past year. Expanding upon this statistic, Family Partner Neil Russell states, “Unreasonable behaviour was cited as the most common reason for divorce, being cited by 51.9 percent of wives and 36.8 percent of husbands. This shows that no fault divorce cannot come soon enough.”

    “Many couples do not want to have to play the blame game on divorce, and with no fault divorce the need to blame will be gone. It is plainly wrong that if there is no adultery, or the couple have not been separated for a minimum period of two years that couples are required to rely on one party’s unreasonable behaviour.”

    Read the full article online here.

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