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    Drainage ditch dispute with Neptune's neighbour may be sign of things to come


    Lara Nyman features in Estates Gazette.

    Dispute Resolution Partner Lara Nyman discusses a recent boundary dispute involving a field owner in Norfolk with a drainage ditch that serves as a boundary. The neighbours and parish council claim the ditch isn’t part of the field owner’s property.

    Lara details the complexity of the case, stating “This is a good example of a common dispute becoming very complicated very quickly. Boundary disputes are all too common, as highlighted by this complex case, given that Land Registry title plans only show general boundaries.”

    “Landowners frequently look for more certainty and, as a result, can find themselves involved in a time-consuming and expensive dispute. Given the increased flooding risk that we are now seeing, ownership of the ditches – and therefore responsibility for maintenance and clearance – is of increasing importance.”

    Read the full article online here

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