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    DWP appeal court compensation ruling creating 'several pitfalls' for your schemes


    Litigation Solicitor David Wright comments in the Daily Express regarding the DWP appeal.

    Pension compensation rules have come into focus in recent weeks as both the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) and the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) appealed a recent court decision on compensation cap rules. These cap rules affect generous Defined Benefit (DB) plans specifically and new analysis has been provided on how the appeal could unfold.

    David explained what the likely outcome will be of a dismissal: “If the appeal is dismissed, then PPF and the DWP will need to carefully consider the alterations needed to bring their methodology of calculating the payments in line with the current legislation.

    “Regardless of the outcome of any immediate appeal (if permission is given and it is heard), with the importance of the potential consequences from this decision for the small, but significant numbers affected, an appeal to the Supreme Court may be likely."

    Read the full article online here.

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