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    Financial Times Reader Question: I Think Someone is Poisoning My Tree


    Lara Nyman answers a reader's question in the Financial Times.

    Dispute Resolution Partner Lara Nyman answers a reader's question regarding a large sycamore tree in their yard that they believe has been poisoned by a disgruntled neighbour. Lara analyses the details of the situation, and the possible steps the reader can take regarding their property.  

    Lara states "First, you must establish whose tree this is. If the trunk is within your property, then the tree belongs to you, regardless of whether branches and roots have spread on to your neighbours’ property. As such, you are responsible for it, which means maintaining it in a safe condition so that it does not become a hazard.

    Any attempts by neighbours to cut, remove or injure the tree — and this includes drilling holes and injecting poison — will amount to trespass. For this, you could be entitled to damages for the replacement cost of the tree."

    Read the full article online here (£).

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