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Fiona Mendel Discusses Return to Office in Personnel Today

Senior Associate Fiona Mendel discusses employees returning to the office in Personnel Today

Workers will be able to return to offices after 19 July, the Prime Minister has confirmed, but employers may face resistance from staff who are worried about rising Covid-19 infection rates, have caring responsibilities, or who have enjoyed home working.

Senior Associate Fiona Mendel discusses what employers can do if an employee refuses to return to the office. 

Fiona states: "This has the potential of becoming an employment ticking time-bomb in terms of the employer / employee relationship. Businesses may decide, in the absence of any clarity from the government, to take the ‘wait and see’ approach and continue to allow staff to work flexibility or create a hybrid model of working which acts as a compromise for both businesses and its staff. However, this in itself poses its own legal challenges: employees may be able to claim, through custom and practice they have an implied contractual right to remain working in the way they have which then becomes difficult for employers to reverse in the future should the needs of the business change.

“Consequently businesses need to act swiftly and sensitively to escape the legal pitfalls this pandemic may have inevitably created.”

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