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Get to know Seddons’ first apprentice: Emily Millward

Emily Millward joins Seddons as the firm’s first apprentice.

In March 2024, Seddons hired its first apprentice, Emily Millward, who joined the IT department in March. We sat down with Emily to learn more about her apprenticeship and what drew her to Seddons.


1) How did you choose your apprenticeship?

Since I have A-levels, I was able to choose from either a Level 3, 4 or 6 apprenticeship. I chose to a do a level 3 as it will give me stronger foundational knowledge about IT as well as it being a more general apprenticeship (rather than being more specialised, such as Cybersecurity or Data Science) so that I have a wider understanding of IT as a topic, which will help strengthen my ability to adapt to situations in the future. I will be exposed to more areas of IT due to the nature of the role, and this help me generate an understanding of what parts of the role I enjoy more.


2) How long is your apprenticeship?

18 months.


3) Tell us more about your day-to-day work as an IT apprentice.

It’s entirely dependent on the day. I have a project currently that I’m working on, but outside of specific projects, my role involves helping people who need assistance with any IT-related queries, managing the tickets that come through from users, and setting up new devices for people who join Seddons.


4) What do you plan on doing next?

I’m doing this apprenticeship to help me form an understanding of what parts of the industry I’m interested in, so I’ll be able to decide which parts I’ve enjoyed the most after 18 months and make a choice based around that! I’m really enjoying the role so far and I’m interested in the projects that the firm has coming up for the IT department. I’d like to be able to stay with Seddons, possibly onto a higher-level apprenticeship.


5) What advice would you give to people considering an apprenticeship?

I would probably say to ensure you understand the role you’re applying for, what it entails, and whether you really enjoy what you’re doing. I think many people would find it hard to complete an apprenticeship if they don’t genuinely have a love of the subject they’re studying, as it involves a lot of proactive work and learning on the job. 20% of your time will be spent completing apprenticeship work/tasks – it’s not only a job. Other than that, I would encourage many people to choose an apprenticeship rather than further education (like university) as it gives you on-the-job experience as well as a qualification, which many employers would prefer. An apprenticeship is extremely rewarding and for many roles (such as IT) a better choice than a university degree!



Kellie Barton-White, Chief People and Culture Officer, spoke about why hiring more apprentices is an important part of the firm’s People strategy:

At Seddons, we are looking to broaden our reach to people who may not normally look to work in a law firm, so hiring an apprentice for our IT team is an important element of our People strategy. This decision has been extremely well received in the firm and we all look forward to continuing to use alternative recruitment strategies to expand our reach to potential employees.

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