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    Helen Crossland discusses Employment Tribunal Fees


    Helen Crossland has been featured in Employment Solicitor, commenting on the Employment Tribunal Fees decision.

    Head of the Employment team Helen Crossland was featured in Employment Solicitor, commenting on the Employment Tribunal Fees decision at the High Court on 26 July.

    The High Court ruled that the government had acted unlawfully when it introduced the fees four years ago, and this landmark decision is likely to open a raft of employment claims.

    Helen commented:

    "Today's judgment may never have happened had Tribunal fees simply been pitched lower. The hope now is that a middle ground can be found which balances claimants' access to justice with employers’ rights not to face a barrage of hopeless claims. Unless the judgment is overturned the emphasis should be on shoring up Judges' ability to strike out claims early doors and for the Tribunal to be able to assess and weed out low prospect claims."   

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