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    Home House's Andrew Richardson Weighs in on the West End


    As part of our West End Business Monitor, we discussed the development in London's West End with Home House Managing Director, Andrew Richardson.

    How have you seen the West End transform in the last ten years?

    The transformation in the West End has been slow but has been very positive. It has diversified from its office traditions to have a strong retail and residential offer. We are now starting to see what are effectively “mini-villages” located in the area, with the return of more independent shops mixed within the residential spaces. This ensures that more people are staying in the area and utilising the space.

    Have you seen a change in the type of professionals in the area?

    The growth of the entrepreneur has been a transformative force in the area. Its effects can be seen across multiple sectors, especially the property industry which has had to respond to changing business practices. More and more people don’t require a fixed office space, instead they are looking at more flexible working options – for example, we have seen people working from Home House.

    What is it about the West End that attracts professionals?

    To be based in the West End is still seen as a mark of quality - to many the postcode holds status, and this is key for attracting professionals to the area. This is further heightened by the quality of the assets in the area; the public realm is well managed, with many utilising the area’s green spaces.

    What would you say are the biggest strengths of the area?

    The West End has many strengths especially when you focus on its assets. The green spaces are really something special – there aren’t many areas in London that can boast having parks in the middle of a busy urban area.

    Location is also a strength - the West End well served by robust transport links, which help support an ever-increasing footfall to the area.

    Finally, safety is paramount. You can make an area as appealing as you like but if people don’t feel safe they won’t return. That’s a real positive of the area – visiting the area is a positive experience.


    Andrew Richardson

    Managing Director

    Home House


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