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The Job Support Scheme: Further support to hospitality sector during lockdowns

An extension to the new 'Job Support Scheme' was announced today, Helen Crossland and Fiona Mendel summarise the key points.

In the wake of more stringent local lockdowns, the Chancellor has this afternoon announced a extension to the Job Support Scheme.

The key elements include:

  • The Job Support Scheme is being expanded whereby the Government will pay two thirds of wages for businesses forced to close during local or national lockdowns
  • Businesses will receive a maximum of £2100 per month per employee
  • Employers will not need to contribute towards wages and will be required to cover NICS and pension contributions only
  • To qualify, employees must be unable to work for a minimum of 7 consecutive days
  • The new extended scheme will commence on 1 November and last for 6 months (to be reviewed after 3 months)
  • The scheme will also apply to businesses yet to reopen due to previous COVID-19 restrictions, such as nightclubs
  • For businesses not forced to close, the Job Support Scheme will still be accessible from 1 November but employees will need to be able to work at least a third of their normal hours
  • The scheme is intended to be UK-wide
  • Full details of today’s extension are still to be published

Should you have any queries on the above or require any employment related advice, please contact Fiona Mendel at or on 020 7725 8033 or Head of Employment, Helen Crossland at or on 020 7725 8034

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