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    Mark Lewis Comments on the "Right to be Forgotten" in The Times


    Partner Mark Lewis comments on the High Court decision in favour of a businessman seeking removal of search results by Google.

    A businessman with a spent conviction has been successful in a High Court action against Google for the "right to be forgotten". The decision is the first victory of its kind in Britain. 

    The case came after Google refused the man's requests to take down search results linking to publications that referred to his conviction and imprisonment ten years ago for a surveillance offence. 

    Commenting on the decision, Privacy and Defamation Partner Mark Lewis described the judgment as amounting to a "commonsense approach being taken that the internet should not be used as a constant reminder of what you used to be but no longer are. But if you are trying to hide your past so that you can repeat your offence, the court will not play ball.”

    Read the article in full online here (£)


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