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    Is my Axa payout going to turn into a car crash?


    Aoife Keane answers a reader's question in The Guardian regarding their damaged garden.

    After a car crashed into a reader’s garden, their insurer, Axa, provided payment. However, two months later, Axa attempted to recoup the cost of the settlement. The reader wrote into The Guardian to seek legal advice. 

    Dispute Resolution Partner Aoife Keane gave her expert advice, stating “It is not unusual for an insurance policy to expressly set out that, after payment of the loss, the insurer will be able to step into the shoes of the insured to pursue the third party that caused the loss. The policyholder should not generally be put at a disadvantage by any subsequent proceedings and should ensure they will be indemnified fully in respect of any costs arising.”

    Read the full article online here.

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