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    Neil Russell Discusses New ONS Divorce Statistics on LBC with Nick Ferrari


    Family Partner Neil Russell joins Nick Ferrari on LBC to discuss the new statistics released by the ONS.

    Today’s ONS statistics show a material increase (18.4%) in the number of divorces, from 90,781 in 2018 to 107,599 in 2019. However, to an extent, this increase is suggested to be reflective, of the delays in the court process during 2018, both in terms of issuing petitions and pronouncing decree absolutes due to a backlog of petitions from 2019. Whilst the number of same-sex divorces nearly doubled from the previous year at 428 to 822. Unreasonable behaviour remains the most common reason for divorce.

    We will need to wait until next year to see the impact the Coronavirus has had on this year’s divorce rate. Whilst another factor to monitor is the impact of the Divorce Dissolution Bill 2019, due to come into effect in Autumn 2021. The bill will lead to no-fault divorce, about time for the end of the need to blame, where there is no adultery and the parties have not lived separately for at least two years.

    Listen to the full clip online here.

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