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Neil Russell Features in The Guardian

Head of Family Neil Russell has been featured in The Guardian, discussing the UK’s cost of living crisis and its impact on divorce.

Head of Family, Neil Russell, has been featured in an article in The Guardian that focuses on the current cost of living crisis in the UK and how it, along with other financial pressures, impact divorce trends.

In the article, Neil shares his insights from past client work, in which he has frequently discussed the challenge of financial struggles with couples: “People always think financial pressures break couples up but they also keep them together. What with inflation and interest rate rises, it has put a lot of pressure on families because they can’t afford to sell and buy, because they can’t afford the new mortgage rates and they can’t afford to maintain two households, so a lot of people stay together.”

Neil goes on to share thoughts on how couples across income brackets are affected by shifts in the economy, as a more fluid economy makes it easier to buy and sell property.

You can read the full story from The Guardian here.

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