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    Parents are 'weaponising' coronavirus to stop partners having contact with their children

    Neil Russell gives his expert opinion in The Times and the Daily Mail.

    Family Partner Neil Russell examines the effect the COVID-19 pandemic is having on divorce and childcare arrangements, saying “I have been doing this for 30 years and I have not seen anything like it concerning money or children. In many situations childcare arrangements may be precarious, and we have a catastrophic pandemic that is unsettling fragile working relationships between separated parents.”

    Neil discusses a childcare arrangement where the children didn’t want to visit their father for fear “they could be stuck with the father, away from their usual home [with their mother], for two weeks if they need to self-isolate.”

    “The mum also has a fear that the other parent may create a situation where they say, ‘We have to self-isolate and I can’t bring the children back.’ Where there is already distrust between parents, this virus inflates that distrust.”

    You can view the articles online in The Times here, and the Daily Mail here.

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