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Seddons recognised by Legal 500

Seddons Family, Private Client and Dispute Resolution teams have been recognised by the Legal 500.

Seddons’ Family, Private Client and Dispute Resolution teams have been recognised in the new Legal 500 guide for their outstanding work and expertise.  

According to the Legal 500 2022, Seddons offers “a discreet and integrated services which combines all relevant practice areas of law within a single strategic approach.” 

The Guide also highlights a number of key individuals at the firm, including Neil Russell, Head of the Family Department. Neil is listed as a Leading Individual and described as “the ’go to’ man for all types of family law." Additionally, Legal 500 observes that “with over 30 years of experience, his profile at the top end of family law continues to grow. He has a huge wealth of experience, commercial acumen and common sense.”

Victoria Sterritt, who is noted by the Guide as a next Generation Partner, is commended as a “standout Partner at Seddons, balancing exceptional client care with encyclopaedic legal knowledge and an eye for detail second to none.

Furthermore, the Private Client team is recognised for its “discrete and personal touch”, with Partner Stuart Crippin highlighted and recommended due to his “pragmatic, solution orientated and high quality advice, but also his responsiveness and sensitivity when working with highly demanding clients."

The Legal 500 also highlights the work of the Dispute Resolution department, spearheaded by Marvin Simons. Marvin is described as a “highly experienced litigator”, while the “indefatigable” Partner John Melville Smith and “proactive” Partner Aoife Keane are also praised.

To read the full ranking, please click here

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