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Seddons Welcomes New Trainees

Seddons is pleased to announce three Trainee seat moves

It is with great pride that Seddons announces that the following people have secured training contracts this year: James Child, Emma Thresher and Lauren Taylor.

The newly appointed Trainees were previously Paralegals within Seddons who now have moved onto secure their Training Contract. They will represent the new generation of Seddons and will be an integral part to the firm’s success.

Commenting on the Trainee seat moves, Seddons’ Managing Partner, Simon Ross said,“I am very pleased to congratulate and welcome our three Trainees to their new roles. This is a very exciting time for Seddons. I look forward to working with these individuals and seeing them develop professionally in the years to come. We are thrilled to have them as members of our team.”

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