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    Those 'DM to Collab' Instagram Messages Are Probably a Scam

    Corporate Partner Alexander Egerton features in Vice commenting on Instagram brand ambassador scams.

    Discussing the legal aspect of these scams, Alexander said, “In the scheme of things, what these people are doing is fairly harmless but it’s still wrong. Any arrangement which is sold as being one thing and is something else is on the face of it is unlawful. But the question here is, which law is it breaking?”

    Alexander explains that would-be ambassadors are still consumers and have strong protections in the UK, thanks to unfair marketing regulations and strict online and distance selling rules. But when you order from a mysterious online brand, it’s hard to hold anyone accountable. Without names, contact numbers or addresses on their Shopify-hosted websites, it’s difficult to contact the owners, and they often operate outside the UK’s jurisdiction.

    To read the full article online, please click here.

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