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    Toby Hales comments in the Daily Telegraph


    Family Partner, Toby Hales, commented on plans to pilot financial remedies courts for divorce cases

    Family Partner Toby Hales is quoted in the Daily Telegraph on a forthcoming pilot trial of specialist financial remedies courts announced by Sir James Munby. 

    Toby commented, "The more experienced and specialist the judge, the better the outcome for separating couples."

    A similar system already runs in the south east of England by the mutual agreement of judges who allocate cases to different courts based on the expertise of the judges there, but this is the first time such a system has been organised centrally. Finance-related cases are sent to London, while non-contentious cases are dealt with in Bury St Edmunds.  

    Toby said of this system, "Outcomes have been mixed, mainly due to resource issues. If divorce administration centres are properly staffed and resourced, the outcomes can also be very positive."

    He added he expected the change could make the process easier for the increasing number of people who manage their divorce themselves, especially in cases which do not involve a financial battle. He said: "This is quite genuinely an attempt to make things better for people who are going through a very painful process." 

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