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    Victoria Sterritt discusses joint parental orders in eprivateclient


    Family Partner Victoria Sterritt examined a recent High Court judgment regarding surrogacy

    Family Partner Victoria Sterritt was published in eprivateclient, reviewing the implications and significance of a recent High Court judgment in a case involving surrogacy of a child by two men. 

    The case involved an unmarried couple who had entered into a surrogacy arrangement in Canada, then moved back to the UK when the child was a few weeks old. They applied for a joint parental order, but before the process was completed their relationship had broken down and they had separated. 

    It was ultimately held that it was in the child's benefit for a parental order to be made including both men, signalling for the first time that a non-biological father has rights in this manner. The Court held that this would “secure in a lifelong way" the child's legal relationship with both men, giving the child the "emotional and psychological benefits that come with that security.”

    In the article, Victoria highlighted the revolutionary and pioneering nature of this judgment in protecting the lifelong welfare of a child born through surrogacy. 

    To read the full article, please click here.

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