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    Victoria Sterritt Featured in Edward Fennell’s Legal Diary

    Family Partner Victoria Sterritt commented in The Legal Diary on the recently released Family Court Statistics Quarterly: October to December 2020.

    The publication of Family Court Statistics Quarterly: October to December 2020 have been published and revealed the negative effects that Covid-19 has had on families and the family courts.  

    Victoria examines these effects in Edward Fennell’s Legal Diary, stating, “Laments of the destructive impact of Covid-19 on relationships and family life have not been fake news but sadly are all too real and obvious when one looks at the statistics. The reasons for divorce and separation remain the same but the decision making somewhat accelerated by circumstances. The fact that the court system and the process is overwhelmed leading to delays only serve to prolong the pain. Families and individuals have been thrown together in a vacuum, and held with a vice like grip, with the removal of practically all release outlets and this has led to frustration often manifesting in anger and the need for protection from the court system. Family life has faced unparalleled pressures and so as a result the family court has likewise.”

    To view the full issue online, please click here.

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