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    The West End Leadership Monitor


    Seddons has commissioned a survey of West End leaders to determine the challenges, opportunities, and future planning of London's West End.

    London’s West End is synonymous with great theatres, shopping and entertainment. But beyond the obvious draw for tourists, the West End is also a thriving centre of commerce and business.

    We began our research with a specific goal: to measure long-term business activity in the West End, so we could better understand the factors that are creating — or impacting — business confidence in the area. The West End’s international footprint makes it the ideal barometer for global spending habits, while its location makes it home to a uniquely diverse set of business types.

    The results were illuminating, and delivered far greater insights than we first imagined. In carrying out this research, we’ve been able to distil the most valuable and unique aspects of being based in the West End, as well as highlighting the concerns and challenges faced by local businesses as we look to the future.

    Seddons has been based in Portman Square since 1981. The West End was a draw, not just for its excellent amenities and transport links, but because it’s a place of diversity, community and creativity; an iconic part of London with an incredible heritage, and a vibrant hub for both businesses and individuals. We’re proud to be a West End firm, and we are excited to continue serving the community as the area re-emerges, evolves and thrives.

    To discuss any of the points raised in this report please email us here, or to view the full report, click here.

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