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What is Family Mediation?

Family Partner Victoria Sterritt explains Family Mediation to kick off Family Mediation Week

It's the start of Family Mediation Week (17-22 January 2022), and what better way to kick it off than with a brief overview of 'What is Family Mediation'.

Family mediation is a voluntary process. It requires two people as standard (but can be more) to commit to the process and to work together with the assistance of a mediator to find solutions to issues arising from divorce or separation in a safe place. Family mediators will have experience in family law and can and often do signpost to other experts such as financial experts and therapeutic professionals where necessary. It is a tailored service to suit individual situations.

Mediation is an alternative process to that of the Family Court process but it is not an inferior process. Mediation is encouraged by the Family Courts and in most situations (there are some exceptions) there is a requirement for parties to engage with mediation before an application to the Court can proceed. 

Mediation is a dynamic and vigorous process that sees the mediator using their specific skill set to facilitate communication between parties and encourage creative thinking.  It allows for the parties, and in some cases children, to have their voices heard. It is a process that empowers those involved and to have an influence over the outcome.      

The time and pace of mediation is within the control of those involved and not reliant upon long Court waiting lists and timetabling. Used effectively the mediation process allows for significant cost savings, both financial and emotional, and autonomy over the process and outcome.    

Mediation can be used to resolve issues that arise in relation to resolving finances as well as children arrangements and can include wider family members such as grandparents.

More information on Family Mediation Week can be found on Family Mediation Council.

What is family mediation



To discuss how we can help with Family Mediation, please contact Victoria Sterritt on or by phone 020 7725 8066.

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