Collaborative Law

Dealing with family conflicts and relationship endings can bring emotional strain and financial burdens, especially if they escalate to courtroom battles. However, there is an alternative: collaborative family law.
Collaborative Law

Collaborative law, alternatively referred to as collaborative practice in divorce or family law, entails a legal approach where couples seeking separation or divorce find a solution to any issues, in face to face meetings with both of your lawyers. You will also collaborate with a team of trained professionals where needed. These can include lawyers, child specialists, divorce coaches, and financial experts. The collaborative process aims to resolve issues out of court.Your collaborative team can provide you with specialist help relating to parenting, communicating, and emotional support if and when needed, as well as specialist support regarding financial matters.

Together, the teams aim to reach a mutually acceptable settlement that addresses the interests of both parties and any children involved, all without resorting to court proceedings. This method not only ensures a fair resolution but also allows you to maintain a civil relationship with each other, for the benefit of any children. It also reduces the duration, uncertainty, and emotional strain typically associated with contentious divorces or separations and keeps you more in control of the process and decisions. 

What we can offer:

Catherine Hancock has been a practicing collaborative lawyer since 2006 and has had successful outcomes in all of the collaborative matters that she has handled. She will be happy to discuss this process in more detail if it sounds like it may be the solution for you.

To find out more information and to discuss how we can help with a collaborative process, please contact Catherine Hancock at or by phone at 020 7725 8066 or 07976 959862.